3 Benefits to Increasing Water Customer Self-Service with Online Payments

InvoiceCloud’s digital engagement and payment solution removes friction from your payment process to help improve your water customer experience and increase billing revenue.

1. Improved customer experience

Your water customers expect a frictionless, intuitive payment experience. InvoiceCloud reduces friction in the payment process by:

• Enabling customers to pay any way they choose—online, by text, or by phone
• Removing registration pages or login screens in online payment routes
• Making the transition from bill to payment seamless through clear communication, one-click pay options, and clearly labeled payment information

With InvoiceCloud, Mount Pleasant Waterworks dramatically increased customer satisfaction, saving staff 15 hours per week.*

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2. Fewer late payments

Most water customers miss a payment because they forgot, but our intelligent communications reduce late payments by enabling your customers to:

• Schedule payments or enroll in AutoPay
• Make one-click payments through email, text, or calendar reminders
• Skip registration and make single payments quick and easy with Guest Checkout

InvoiceCloud helped Truckee Meadows Water Authority decrease late payments by increasing AutoPay adoption by 22% in one year.**

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3. Cost savings from reduced print and mail expenses

With more and more water customers preferring digital payment options, e-adoption and paperless billing enrollment are crucial for your bottom line. InvoiceCloud reduces print and mail costs by enabling your water customers to:

• Enroll in paperless billing in the payment route
• Pay as they choose—online, by text, or by phone
• Leverage AutoPay for payments

Penn Township Sewage Authority lowered print and mail costs by decreasing mailed-in checks by 34%.***

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*Source: Based on lnvoiceCloud client data, and data collected by Mount Pleasant Waterworks in 2023 and provided to lnvoiceCloud.
**Source: Based on data collected by Truckee Meadows Water Authority in 2022 and provided to lnvoiceCloud.
*** Source: As measured between June 2018 and June 2020 and based on data collected by Penn Township Sewage Authority and provided to InvoiceCloud.